Diet & Lifestyle Guide to Living Cold Sore Free

One of the most critical factors to living without cold sores is how effective your immune system is working. A properly functioning immune system will not allow the cold sore virus to over take your system and cause symptoms. Your diet is the key to maintaining a healthy immune system so improving your diet will greatly reduce your chance of having another outbreak.

Greatly improve your chances of not having another outbreak by downloading a Free copy of Dr John Spurge ND Diet & Lifestyle Guide to Living Cold Sore FreeĀ (valued at $29.95)

The cold sore free diet & Lifestyle guide includes:

  • Cold sore facts and information, including what causes them and how to avoid them
  • Top tips for reducing cold sore outbreaks through diet and food choices
  • Frequently Asked Questions – what to eat and what not to eat
    Information about useful supplements, vitamins and minerals
  • Advice for vegetarians who get cold sores
  • Arginine and Lysine Food Chart
  • Cold sore photos
  • Cold sore friendly food recipes
  • Recommended reading and helpful resources

Diet & Lifestyle Guide to Living Cold Sore Free

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