Cold Sore Remedies

Here is a list of tried and tested Cold Sore Remedies that will help to get those cold sores moving and keep them moving. The key to a successful cold sore remedy regime is to focus on both prevention and treatment.

There is something that you can do at every stage of a breakout to help minimise the pain and appearance.

Make a brew or cup of black tea (without milk or sugar) and allow it to steep for a few minutes. Once cool, apply the tea bag to the cold sore and hold on the area for a few moments at a time. Tea leaves are rich in tannins which are astringent and anti-inflammatory, so can assist in reducing the redness and swelling of cold sores.

Ice wrapped in a towel can be applied to the cold sore in the very early stages to help ward off the cold sore.

Avoid any supplements which contain “Arginine” including protein shakes, muscle and body-building formulas and some multivitamins. This can aggravate the cold sore virus and may cause a breakout for some people.

Lysine retards the body’s formulation of Arginine so taking a Lysine supplement can be useful. Combine with vitamin c, bioflavonoids and zinc for best results.

Take a course of antiviral + immune strengthening herbs such as olive leaf, echinacea and andrographis. Do not take olive leaf at the same time as Lysine or combined in a tablet with Lysine as olive leaf interferes with amino acid metabolism and therefore it is best to take these two substances at least three hours apart.

Balance any hormonal or other health issues. Consider contacting your Naturopath or Doctor if you suspect that a hormonal imbalance or other health condition exists. Attention to these issues may help to prevent future recurrences.

Apply an antiviral formula such as Zovirax® or Dynamiclear Rapid®.

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